Tree Farm Sessions 

LOCATION: Your session takes place at Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm, 4060 Mountjoy Rd, Blackstock

MORNING OF THE SESSION: Expect a text message from me the morning of the session which will give you my exact location on the farm. If you are lost please call or text me, if I am in the middle of a session I will get back to you as soon as that session is over. 

MY CONTACT INFORMATION: Hi, i'm Stephanie, call or text my cell at 905-213-4330

TO DO NOW: Please complete my session questionnaire at your earliest convenience:

DOGS: Dogs are welcome to join in your family photos! They must remain leashed at all times.

Please bring treats for your dog as this helps them cooperate for the photos.

ARRIVAL TIME:  Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes prior to your session start time. Blackstock Tree Farm is a very large property and there are several photographers doing sessions, give yourself enough time to park, find where I am and ensure your family is picture ready. *Try not to arrive too early as you don't want the little ones getting cold or restless while waiting for your session to start. Sessions are a maximum of 20 minutes long and run back to back. If you are late for your session it will cut into your session time. 

WASHROOMS: Outhouse is located at the front of the farm, right near the gift shop.

WEATHER: These sessions are held rain or shine, you are expected to show up for your session regardless of the weather forecast. If your session gets completely rained out we will arrange for a new session date. 


1)      Start with the toughest person to dress (typically mom). Once you have an

outfit for them you will use that as your inspiration to dress the rest of the family

2)      No need to have everyone matching perfectly, just keep outfits in a similar colour scheme.

3)      Red's, cream's, brown's and plaid's really pop nicely against the tree farm. Try to avoid deep greens as you will blend in with the tree's. 

4)      Layer, layer, layer!! Vests, shawls, sweaters, thermal tights and thermal undershirts, depending on how cold you should also consider nice winter coats (ex. peacoats) and hats as well. It is COLD at the farm, if you dress your children in indoor clothes they WILL BE COLD and are much less likely to smile, cooperate and participate in the photos. Every single year there are multiple families with upset crying children asking their parents to please let them wear their jacket. Do not be this family. Come prepared with lots of layers, warm clothing as well as photogenic jackets and hats.

5)      Don’t forget accessories! shoes that are clean and in good shape, necklaces and earrings for girls are a nice touch. 

6)      Hairspray!! Very important to keep hair in place and control flyaways.

7)      Visit my Pinterest board for Christmas outfit inspiration: 



1)     Talk to your kids about the photoshoot, try to build up the excitement of the photoshoot a week in advance, talk about me “my friend Stephanie is going to take our Christmas photos outside in a field of Christmas Tree's, it will be so much fun!” Show them photos from my tree farm advertisements to familiarize them with what we will be doing. 

2)      Do not arrive on an empty stomach! Eat a meal/hearty snack before your session. Hungry children are cranky children who do not want to cooperate for photos!

3)      Let your child smile naturally, “Say Cheese” often results in a forced smile. Think ahead of a few things that always get a smile from your children, natural smiles are the goal! We will focus on capturing your family interacting and having fun together! 

4)      Stay positive and have fun!! Try to relax leading up to your session time, high expectations of children can often result in stressed parents which is very noticeable in photos. This is a fun experience and even if your children do not act exactly as desired you will still be receiving beautiful images, relax and enjoy the experience!

5)     Make the photoshoot the main event of the day, try to avoid doing anything too exciting that may exhaust your children ahead of the session.


1)     Stephanie will be wearing a mask the entire time, and using sanitizer and/or clean gloves as necessary
2)    A longer lens will be used so a minimum 2 metres of distance can be maintained at all times
3)   Bring your own blanket, or pick one up from me in the week before your session, I am located in Courtice. (They will be washed and bagged individually, and I will have a laundry bag to throw it in when your session is complete). Blankets are used for sitting on the ground and can also be wrapped around families. However they are not necessary.
4)   Sessions will take place unless the farm is forced to close or I am not allowed to be working outdoors
5)  A deposit is required to book, but is refundable for any covid-related reasons, if anyone feels sick, has symptoms, has been in contact with someone that tested positive, or tests positive themselves, or even if the date approaches and the numbers are at a point where you no longer feel comfortable.




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